1972 'Bluey Things' David Pettigrew D.A.

'Bluey Things' by David Pettigrew D.A. was painted as part of the artist's Post Graduate Degree Exhibition at Gray's School of Art in 1972.
The artist was reunited with the abstract painting as it is held in the RGU Heritage Collection and is on exhibition in a prominent Wood Group building in Aberdeen.
David was 23 when he received a 'high commend' for the exhibition and he was also awarded a travelling scholarship to Italy. The stimulus for the painting was a piano prelude solo piece 'La Cathedrale Engloutie' (The Submerged Cathedral) by Debussy played by fellow Gray's student Jane Metcalf. Later that summer David and Jane married.
Some 45 years on and upon being reunited with the work the artist says,
'To see the painting afresh and prominently hung in the entrance foyer of a modern building is extremely rewarding. I am grateful to RGU Art and Heritage and the Wood Group for the opportunity'.
(photograph courtesy of RGU and Wood Group.)
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